Romeo and Juliet, Royal Theatre Nottingham

The Theatre Royal hosted the Royal Shakespeare Company’s recent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s timeless love story Romeo and Juliet. Despite being more than 400 years since Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Director Erica Whyman has managed to transform this classic into a fresh and engaging play about our world today. From the set, music, costume, to … More Romeo and Juliet, Royal Theatre Nottingham

Do I Wanna Know, Nottingham New Theatre

In a world consumed with the speed of technology, with its broadcasts and social media that operate an increasingly intrusive and looming presence within society where love and loss are often at times romanticised, distorted and inflated beyond veracity. Do I Wanna Know, through moments of comedy and poignant sincerity, exposes the raw reality of … More Do I Wanna Know, Nottingham New Theatre

Our Country’s Good, Nottingham Playhouse

‘We left our country for Our Country’s Good!’ Based on a true story of a group of British officers and convicted criminals who were transported to the Australian colony, Our Country’s Good primarily explores a universal question surrounding the argument of nature vs. nurture. Can one change the life they have been assigned? Are criminals … More Our Country’s Good, Nottingham Playhouse

Romeo and Juliet, RSC

When you go and see William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet what do you think? Is it a play about Star-crossed lovers, fate, conflict, or do you think it is predominately about revenge? All of these are valid themes that have been ingrained in our minds from our school days. Yet on Wednesday Director Erica Whyman’s … More Romeo and Juliet, RSC